Red Velvet’s “RedMare in USA” concert in LA (Pasadena)


On February 7-8th, 2019, Red Velvet brought their “RedMare World Tour” to the North America with their first stop being in the Los Angeles area at the Pasadena Civic Auditorium in Pasadena, California. At first, they were just scheduled to have a show on February 8th, but due to high demand, they decided to have another show due to an instant sell out which brought joy to the ReVeluvs on the West Coast. The girls of Red Velvet have performed before in Southern California at KCON and Korean Music Festival, but this marks the first time that they’re the sole artist and headliner of their own show.

Right off the bat, they started with one of their hits, “Russian Roulette”. During the course of the show, there was a certain theme to it. After every intermission, they would perform songs based around a certain theme depending on sound and vibe which helped tell a story. For instance, after one of the intermissions, they performed “Zoo” then performed songs that sound similar to that particular song. When they went with their sexy concept, they did songs like “Bad Boy” and “Peek a Boo”.

Because it was a North American stop on their world tour, the American fans got to get exclusive performances of the English version of “RBB” and “Bad Boy”. The fans were also treated to the members speaking to them in English. Obviously, not every member of Red Velvet is fluent, so a translator was needed, but the fans still showered them with love.

Red Velvet has a lot of songs throughout their entire existence as a group which means it’s perfectly fine if they can’t perform all of their songs. Unfortunately, it also includes some of their singles as some of the songs were left out of the set list. Songs like “Ice Cream Cake” and “Dumb Dumb” were not performed which was a bummer since it was part of their early success from back in the day. Other songs that were not performed were their Japanese songs which include recent hits like “Sayonara” and “Sappy” as the Japanese hits are usually performed on the Japan tour.

Earlier in the night before any attendee entered the venue, volunteers gave out banners to only unveil during Red Velvet’s encore performance. It said something along the lines of sticking with Red Velvet forever. When they saw it, they were surprised and happy that the fans will forever stick with the girls. The sea of banners was just astonishing.

As the show ended, they could have ended it with a ballad or something mellow, but they opted to end it on a high note with “Red Flavor” which kept the adrenaline running until the bitter end. Not only were the fans showering them with their love but also filled the stage up with stuffed animals. They also proved that they were supporters of the LGBT community when one of the members draped a rainbow flag around her shoulders.

The concert was really fun as it exceeded my expectations. Usually a concert can make or break how I feel about a group. In this case, I like them more now that I got to see a headlining concert by Wendy, Joy, Irene, Seulgi, and Yeri. Until next time!

Written by: Timtastic

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