My Girlfriend is an Agent (2009 Korean movie) review


Movie: “My Girlfriend is an Agent”
Studio: Harimao Pictures/Lotte Entertainment
Year: 2009
Country of origin: South Korea


This movie looked pretty interesting when looking up Korean movies to watch. I wanted to look up something that looked fun and entertaining. I wanted some action, comedy, and some romance. The synopsis made it seem fun and interesting while the photos of the film kind of got me hooked. I thought I’d give it a chance.


A Russian crime syndicate is on the verge of acquiring a biological weapon created by a corrupt Korean scientist by offering a large sum of money. Two unlikely agents are separately tasked to take down this transaction to not only save the people domestically, but potentially internationally too.

Ahn Sooji is a veteran on the force who has enough experience while Lee Jaejoon is a rookie cop whose specialty is analytical work. They both had been dating for some time but never really knew what the other did for careers. They had broken up but ended up reunited over circumstances without knowing each other’s motives.


This movie was really fun and entertaining with witty humor, adrenaline rushing action sequences, and sweet romanticism. Both characters were lovable and were pretty much complete opposites yet needed each other more than they realized.

What made the comedy portion work was the awkwardness which was an important theme. Whether it be going undercover, trying to complete a mission, or rekindling a romance, it always felt like things were quite off.

Not knowing who the other really was for the longest time while trying to achieve the exact same goal made me feel like it was the Korean version of “Mr. and Mrs. Smith” but with its own unique charms about it. It didn’t feel like a ripoff but more like an homage with its own personality.


Although the majority of the movie was fun to watch, by the conclusion, there was a lack of closure as we wanted to know what was next as they come to terms who they are especially to each other.

The antagonists didn’t raise the ante nor did they make you care. I felt like they were just shoved to the side in favor of the romance. Never once were we threatened with the thought of a weapon of mass destruction entering mankind.


By no means is it the greatest work of art, but for sure it’s a great popcorn movie. This movie somehow blended some of my favorite genres in cinema and turned it into this work of excitement. I also could relate to the characters since I do run a bit on the awkward side but always would try my best just like the two protagonists.

Overall rating: 4/5
Reviewed by: Timtastic

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