MAY’S “Cruising” review


Artist: MAY’S
Album: “Cruising”
Label: King Records
Year: 2011


In this music review, we’ll cover “Cruising” by MAY’S. I actually discovered this group by accident after looking for music by May J. I went through her discography and stumbled across MAY’S and just sampled some of the songs giving them a quick listened. I was hooked immediately and knew I had to check it out as even the first song pulled me in.


I absolutely loved every song on this album. The ones I loved the most were “Super Song”, “The Hood”, and “One More Chance”, but you couldn’t go wrong with loving any song. Maiko and Junichi make a fantastic team as Maiko provides the vocals and lyrics while Junichi handles the composition and production. They both never step over the boundaries

Junichi is content with never having to be the star while he lets the music do the speaking while Maiko knows that Junichi is a very integral part of the success of MAY’S. He does get some of the shine on the interlude where his production is displayed.

Each song does not sound the same, and it doesn’t have that copy and paste sound. There are so many influences from hip-hop to R&B to rock to ballads to whatever they want. It’s a journey of music stopping at various genres where they’re conducting the ride while you’re a part of it. They both together seem to make it work.


There’s literally nothing bad I could say about this. My ears were glued for over an hour to this LP. The guests never took away from Maiko spotlight as they only added to it on songs where there are some. .


I gave this album a perfect score of 5 out of 5 because it definitely deserves it as I feel that it’s a flawless album with quality songs from top to bottom. After initially listening to this album years ago, I still listen to “Cruising” from top to bottom with no skips. I really love all 16 songs even the outro which still sounds like a song. This album definitely changed some of my views on not how one genre should sound, but how music should sound.

Overall rating: 5/5
Reviewed by: Timtastic

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