Bada’s “Aurora” review


Artist: Bada
Album: “Aurora”
Label: Woongjin Entertainment
Year: 2004


I’m aware of Bada’s accomplishments as a member of S.E.S., but one day after coming across one of her songs online via a stream, I wanted to check out more of her music since she was considered the best singer in the group. I wanted to check this album out because I came across songs that I really liked.


What I loved about this album is the soothing R&B sounds. It sounds like the 90’s R&B that I grew up with and this is a throwback to that era. It also showcases her vocal talents as a soloist. Although she had singles like the titled single that she promoted, it’s the b-sides that are the true stars of this album. I could literally put on the song “Dreaming” on constant repeat. In fact, that’s the song that drew me to this album. There are so much hidden gems in this album that it’s a literally a gold mine. Other amazing songs on this album are “Thank You”, “Good Luck”, and “Little Boy”.


I didn’t like her choice for singles. “Aurora” was intended to show her abilities as a singer and felt like it was trying to push her to us as a soloist. “Eyes” felt like it was trying to push us towards the good old days of fun S.E.S. songs. It lacked direction.

In my opinion, had she went towards another direction, it would have seen more success. She definitely could have reached into the b-side songs to become singles.  “Happy Face” definitely should have been the lead single since it’s a bit more upbeat.  It’s harder to have a successful lead single if it’s a love ballad traditionally.


I felt like it got panned before people really gave it a chance. This is what happens when people judge an album based on singles and not the entire body of work. If people checked the entire album out, they’d love it like I do. This is definitely one of the better R&B themed KPop albums I’ve ever heard.

Overall rating: 4/5
Reviewed by: Timtastic

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