Bad Cop (2016 Chinese movie) review


Movie: “Bad Cop” aka “Buliang Nujing”
Studio: PooDoo Entertainment/Heritage Glory Film
Year: 2016
Country of origin: China


It’s been a long time since I’ve watched a recent Chinese movie, so I decided to go watch one on one of the streaming services I use online. I opted to go with something with action, and I figured I go with one where I didn’t know any of the actors so that I could have a clean slate.


A cop must go undercover at a college to protect a teacher so that he could testify in court leading to some arrests. The cop eventually finds out that things are what they seemed to be and must solve the case by herself.


It was an entertaining movie as it had elements of comedy, romance, and action. The lead character was the most charming and was very entertaining. The action scenes were also pretty bad ass with gunfights, knife fights, and hand to hand combat.


Oh boy! Where do I start. I felt like it was hard to tell a story with a total of an hour and twenty minutes which is definitely not enough time. Eighty minutes is usually the norm for a kid’s movie or an episode of a drama series. It also felt like there was no clear direction on the entire story with so many plot holes.

The acting was at times stale especially from the teacher. His makeup was also overdone as his face was a tad bit orange while the rest of his body was a normal shade.

The CGI was at the amateur level which definitely would qualify this movie as a television one at best.

The script supervisor either did not do a great job or the production team may have forgotten to hire one as there was a huge lack of continuity.


This movie had the potential of being better than it really was, but it was just poorly executed. It could have gotten a much lower score but it was entertaining at times. It felt like it was released just to be released. If you look past all the negative things, it is a pretty decent movie. The lead actress Yang Zhou was very charming and may have actually saved this movie from sucking even more.

Overall rating: 3/5
Reviewed by: Timtastic

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