Momo Kyun Sword (2014 anime) review


Series: Momo Kyun Sword
Studio: Tri-Slash/Project No. 9
Year: 2014


I decided to watch this because I wanted to watch a random series without relying on word of mouth or other sources to tell me if it’s good or bad. I wanted to make the decision on my own. I also judged by screen caps when selecting a series. It also helped that my favorite voice actress, Mimori Suzuko voices one of the characters.


A girl born from a peach named Momoka aided by three animal gods helps celestial maids retrieve fragments of a Michimi Peach which is a source of enormous power after her village is attacked by evil beings known as the oni. Not only are the oni and celestial maids at odds with each other, but the humans also want their hand at getting some if not all the fragments too.


I really enjoyed this series as it’s really a light hearted adventure with lots of action. The visuals were really bright and colorful. This series also had a lot of fan service especially since most of the characters are female. The protagonists were cute and one of the antagonists, Onihime was also a likable character as she and Momoko were rivals. At times the heroes and villains got along just fine as if there were no real conflict.

I felt that it had elements of Sailor Moon in it especially during the transformation scenes for Momoko when she fuses with one of her animal companion gods.  It also featured mostly a female cast.

The opening and closing themes were really great. I found myself never skipping the themes since they were really enjoyable.


I felt that it was a bit way too much on the fan service since there were lots of nudity and implied nudity. It’s easy with all the peach puns when it came for the characters to bare body parts. The illustrators for sure knew who the intended audience was.


I think they storytellers did a great job being able to fit the entire story line into 12 episodes. There may have been some filler episodes here and there, but it was fine. I don’t really recommend watching this if it’s a young child or a parent. I feel like this series was pretty underrated and flew under the radar on a lot of people’s anime to watch list.

Overall rating: 4/5
Reviewed by: Timtastic

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