ITZY’s “IT’Z Different” EP review


Artist: Itzy
Album: “IT’z Different”
Label: JYP Entertainment
Year: 2019


ITZY became one of the most anticipated debuts of early 2019 as they’re a debuting group with a lot of hype especially being from a major power label like JYP Entertainment and being the sister group to Twice. With a lot of teaser clips and promotional photos, a lot was hanging on them to potentially be the next major KPop act in the industry. I personally wanted to see what this group was about and whether or not they would be any good.


This EP has two songs with a lot of attitude which is a complete 180 from their sister group. The songs are their debut single, “Dalla Dalla” and their b-side, “Want It?”. Their hit single actually took some time to really like it for me. When I heard it initially, it didn’t do anything for me, but when I heard it again for a second time, I liked it a little bit more. Each subsequent listen made me a believer.

Their other song is actually also the same. It’s also one of those songs that grows with you over some time. It feels like a smash song with a lot of swag.


Although they came flying out the gate with their debut, they didn’t come with enough ammunition. Maybe they’re taking the path that YG Entertainment artists are with just slowly releasing single albums and eventually it’ll be an LP with a lot of quality hits or maybe they were rushed to debut so fast. After their debut single hit, you really want to check out more of their music but see that there isn’t enough. You see two songs and think, “What else?”.


Well, they may actually be one of the most popular rookie groups ever as they’re the fastest girl group to win a music show in South Korea. That momentum got them some endorsements and gained them popularity along with their newfound fame. They have a lot of opportunities to be the future of KPop and JYP Entertainment, but looks like that future is now.

Overall rating: 3.5/5
Reviewed by: Timtastic

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