Heartsdales’ “Ultra Foxy” review


Artist: Heartsdales
Album: “Ultra Foxy”
Label: AVEX Entertainment
Year: 2006


This is how I discovered Heartsdales years after the album dropped. I was listening to a stream of J-Urban music and came across their music. I was instantly hooked because they had something awesome about them, so I started checking more and more of their music out. They not only had dope hip-hop music, but they also had overall great music. I’m starting with this album since it has most of my favorite songs.


I love that this sister duo has songs where they have a role. One raps while the other does the singing. They have that New York to Tokyo swag. “Sweet Candy” has a disco inspired hip-hop track while “Angel Eyes” sounds like it came from the 80’s with the synth pop. The track that really drew me in was “Hey DJ” because it shows how fun hip-hop can be with the positivity it displays. I even enjoyed listening to all the b-sides as they each felt very diverse.


There are way too many skits and interludes which isn’t necessary. There are already enough tracks to fill out this album and some of them are just a few seconds. It’s just a waste of precious time. They really didn’t need that.


I really enjoyed this album. I’ll definitely check out their prior albums and work backwards. This duo really made hip-hop fun again and brought their own originality into the genre. Their music felt original and fresh even more than a decade after its release. Both Rum and Jewels did a phenomenal job with this album.

Overall rating: 4.5/5
Reviewed by: Timtastic

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