Mobile Fighter G Gundam (1994 anime) review


Series: Mobile Fighter G Gundam
Studio: Sunrise
Year: 1994


After going through Gundam Seed and Gundam Seed Destiny, I was seeking another Gundam series to watch and was afraid of starting one that may not be any good. I wanted to check out as many series as possible after visiting Gundam Base during a Japan trip. Friends of mine had recommended me to watch Mobile Fighter G Gundam since it was they notified me that it wasn’t like any of the Gundam series that I was accustomed to and that it was very different.


Every four years, all the nations in the world participate in a “Gundam fight” with each of them having a representative controlling a Gundam. The “Gundam fight” is supposed to replace actual war, but the combat itself destroys the earth. The winner of this event, gets to rule all the colonies until the next edition.

Domon Kasshu is Japan’s representative and is a highly skilled martial artist. His motive to partake in this tournament is to hunt down his older brother, Kyoji, who took off with his family’s Devil Gundam to Earth. After the heist leaving their mother dead and their father in a cryogenic state, it gives Domon all the motivation he needs to hunt Kyoji down, bring in the Devil Gundam, and win the tournament for Japan with the Shining Gundam and later the God Gundam.

During the course of the series, he encounters rivals that become his allies. His allies end up as his friend along with his childhood friend, Rain who also is the mechanic, doctor, tactician, and engineer. He also finds out that things are what they seem.


What made this really great series is that it’s not like the other series. The fatalities are kept at a minimum so you don’t see a genocide within 10 seconds. It’s also martial arts based so you don’t see the traditional sitting in the cockpit to move the Gundam but more like each of them wore something like a motion capture suit and had to physically move around. I also enjoyed the relationships between some of Gundams representing different nations as they’re all fighting for a specific cause not just nationally, but they’re fighting for personal reasons as well.


They really did quite a job stereotyping some of the characters. They made the Russian guy a brute, while the French character does fencing and has rose attacks. The American was a brash cowboy that uses boxing as its offense.

Even the sub characters that had Gundams were stereotyped like a windmill Gundam from Holland, a mermaid Gundam from Denmark, a snake Gundam from Indai, and a lumber Gundam from Canada.


What made this series very memorable was the theme music. I enjoyed both opening and closing themes.

It also was a struggle getting used to watching an anime from 1994 especially when I was watching a lot of series from the 2000’s.

What I took from this series was that people from all walks of life and from different backgrounds can all come together for a common cause. It doesn’t matter what the race, religion, sexuality, or anything else as people can be friends through competition.

Overall rating: 4/5
Reviewed by: Timtastic

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