KARA’s “Pretty Girl” EP review


Artist: KARA
Album: “Pretty Girl” EP
Label: DSP Media
Year: 2008


I wanted to do a review of an album that was released during the second generation of KPop, and it just happens to be my favorite group in KARA. This album also marked the second EP release featuring the members that most people know KARA for which includes Gyuri, Seungyeon, Nicole, Hara, and Jiyoung. It was just around the time when they were gaining steam and becoming a major force in KPop.


The songs had two singles in “Pretty Girl” and “Honey” with the latter being the lead single in the re-issue with three more songs to round out the mini album. The songs are actually easy to get into whether you’re a hardcore fan of the group, casual fan of the group, hardcore of KPop overall, casual fan of KPop, or just getting into it. The other three songs diversified the sound despite it being five songs overall. “Yodel” is a fun and catchy song, “My Darling” is an easy on the ears kind of track, while “Ing” is the ballad track people needed from KARA.


Even though it would get released later on, it would have been nice to get the music video version of “Honey” as waiting for a reissued album for a new version of a really good song was an inconvenience.


As a KARA fanboy, it’s easy for me to give massive praise to the group, but many folks do enjoy the songs too even if they don’t stan the group. This was during a point when they were gaining popularity with each release but haven’t blown up yet. At this point, they were climbing the KPop ranks and could be taken as a serious threat in the industry.

Overall rating: 4/5
Reviewed by: Timtastic

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