Kingdom (2019 Japanese movie) review


Movie: “Kingdom”
Studio: Columbia Pictures/Sony Pictures Entertainment Japan
Year: 2019


I have a habit of going to the movies and watching a random international movie without knowing any of the plot points nor looking at any of the promotional photos. I was just told that it was called “Kingdom” and went with it. All I knew was that it was a Japanese movie and that it was a period piece.


A poor kid named Li Xin is sold into slavery meets another boy named Piao and they become the best of friends. Their goal is to become the greatest general in the history of China. One day, they are spotted sparring with each other and Piao gets an offer he can’t refuse. Eventually, Li Xin ends up on the journey as they each have different goals to help dethroned Ying Zheng regain his spot as the leader of the empire.


I didn’t think I’d like it because of some of the confusing storyline, but here I was being intrigued about a lot of the history. I felt like I was on a part of the journey too. There was a lot of action as there were many fight scenes. I like sword fighting, and there was enough to supplement my thirst for sword action. It also spawned my crush for Kanna Hashimoto.


The entire movie is based in China with all the characters based off of real life Chinese people featuring actual Chinese history but portrayed by Japanese actors. It’s like when America has an adaptation of an anime or video game franchise and turns it into their spin of a movie. I can’t say if the plot is in line with the actual events of history though.


It’s a very interesting movie, and I was very engaged. Normally, I’m not too engaged in historical movies unless I at least somewhat know the backstory of the historical events. I didn’t learn too much about Chinese history back in grade school but I felt like I learned a thing or two during the duration of this movie. Also, it’s a very entertaining movie.

Overall rating: 4/5
Reviewed by: Timtastic

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