BoA’s “Only One” review

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Artist: BoA
Album: “Only One”
Label: SM Entertainment
Year: 2012


BoA was once of the first names I’ve ever heard in the world of KPop. It actually precedes my first contact into KPop by several years. When I finally got into KPop, BoA was still one of the most important names in the genre as she had become a mega star with being one of the first Korean acts to break into the Japanese music industry. I did have a late start so I started with this album first which brings us to “Only One”.


This is pretty much a seven track album as we’ll disregard the instrumentals with three of them being singles which makes it about half the album having singles. They are the titled track, “Only One”, “The Shadow”, and “One Dream” featuring Henry Lau of Super Junior-M and Key from SHINee.

After the “Only One”, I liked the rest of the album. The slow songs were a delightful listen with “Hope” and “Mayday! Mayday!”. The standout song for me outside of the singles was “Not Over ‘U” because it changes tempo several songs. The chorus feels like a pop song then it builds up to something of a club banger.


I feel like it was missing something to put it over the top. With seven official songs, it just barely gets it out of being called an EP and becomes an album. I would have liked to have maybe two songs more to make it a true album.

Other than that, I really loved this album. A lot of SM Entertainment albums feel really fluffed up with one lead single and the rest of it is filler. Maybe it’s not such a bad thing that there aren’t too many songs. Maybe less really is more.


Since I’ve listened to this album, I’ve ventured off into some of her other albums both Korean and Japanese. I’ve also listened to her English album. I’ve liked what I’ve heard after checking out this album and for sure, there will be more reviews of music from BoA. This won’t be the “only one”.

Overall rating: 4/5
Reviewed by: Timtastic

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