Flower’s “Yasashisade Afureruyouni” EP review

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Artist: Flower
Album: “Yasashisade Afureruyouni” EP
Label: Sony Music Associated Records
Year: 2016


This marks the second review of Flower. I really love their music, especially listening to Reina Washio’s voice as it enhances any song she’s a part of. This also marks one of the first releases where she’s the sole vocalist on the new songs.


The songs are beautiful starting with the titled track. The B side “Ajisai Kaleidoscope” is a change of pace with a slight up tempo with a gentle pop sound. It also had the 2016 versions of previous songs “Taiyouto Himawari” and “Akikazenoanswer”. I feel that only these songs can be sung by Reina.


This was roughly around the time of a transitional period as they had a departure from vocalist, Kyoka Ichiki which had Reina become the primary vocalist.


The group Flower recently has decided to disband as a group as a result of Mio’s pregnancy which warranted. Some of the remaining members will just promote as members of E-Girls while Manami will start her own solo career. Most of the members already do individual activities so they’ll all still be busy. I’ll miss Flower as a group, but I understand. Flower had their own uniqueness that was different from the other E-Girls groups, Happiness and Dream..

Overall rating: 4/5
Reviewed by: Timtastic

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