Nor Cal Fight Club 4


Nor Cal Fight Club is a yearly fighting game tournament in Northern California. Every year, it’s to determine the king of Nor Cal in Street Fighter V. For this edition, it’s to determine the king of Street Fighter V in this neck of the woods and also for the first time, Samurai Shodown is added as well.

Qualifications were determined over several weeks at Wednesday Night Fights at E-Sports Arena in Oakland, California. Once the top 8 point earners were rounded out, it was to find more folks via last chance qualifiers on September 20th, 2019. By the end of the last chance qualifiers and into the actual tournament, there would be a total of 12 entrants for Street Fighter V and 10 for Samurai Shodown. These two tournaments featured some notable names that have done well in the tournament circuits with a mix of young blood and hungry competitors.

On September 27th to 29th, 2019, also at E-Sports Arena Oakland, was the official tournament. Over the three days, it was a round robin format where everyone played everyone in their respective games. The top 8 point earners would qualify for the finals the following week. It was a grind where many games came down to the wire and everyone leveled up from the top of the bracket to those trying to break into the top 8.

The finals were held at the same venue on October 5th, 2019. Samurai Shodown was up first followed by Street Fighter V. Many people did come to spectate but for those that didn’t qualify for the finals, there were more opportunities to come out a winner. Red Bull E-Sports was a sponsor of the event which meant there were opportunities to earn prizes. There were side tournaments for the two main titles at this event along with Ultra Street Fighter IV. There were tournaments held every hour which meant more opportunities to win. If winning the main or side tournaments weren’t possible, another way to win prizes were by way of raffles. Also at this event was a new concept fusing the fighting game community with food as local chefs prepared amazing food. Many people came out as winners.

This was an amazing concept. It was a test of focus, skill, endurance, and patience. The grind was real and many people that were participants in the tournaments ended up better than they were prior to the tournament. It was a stacked field and many people had the opportunities to succeed. Many rivals became friends and allies. It was a way to help Nor Cal become stronger as a community to face other regions down the road in both titles.

Written by: Timtastic


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