Red Bull Conquest Oakland 2019


On October 19, 2019, E-Sports Arena in Oakland, California was one of the hosts of the Red Bull Conquest series which also includes other host cities like Orlando, Chicago, Philadelphia, Los Angeles, Houston, Seattle, and Minneapolis. The finals are to be held in Santa Monica, California. This year, the three titles many people will be competing in include Street Fighter V, Tekken 7, and UNIST. The winners of these three games will get to represent their region in the finals against all the other competing regions with huge prizes to be determined later.

This event was of course sponsored by Red Bull with Red Bull canned energy drinks and cocktails to be found literally everywhere. They provided a lot of the prizes and had a lot of t-shirts, hoodies, jerseys, and sweaters with Street Fighter characters on them to give away to the many people that attended. The other sponsor for this event was Hori which provided sticks to the winners including special themed ones.

There were many people that attended from pro players to semi pro to casual gamers. Outside of the venue fee to get into the building, it was a free event. It felt like a really exclusive event with security checks to even get into the venue.

Food and beverages became available. Food was free for each attendee but was first come, first serve. People had the choice of smoked brisket with a roll or fried chicken in a bun. It was hard to choose. The cocktails available all had Red Bull in them but also were themed after fighting game references.

This was a big selling point to definitely attend. There was one setup for the upcoming UNICLR which many people really wanted to play.

There were a lot of threats to win it all, but only one person per game could win. Although many people did not win, they still do what Nor Cal does best which is to keep grinding games looking to improve.

Nor Cal is one of the strongest regions with many talented players across multiple games especially these three games. It should be one of the favorite regions to do well across all three games.

Written by: Timtastic

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