Street Fighter V: Ultimate Cosplay Showdown at Anime Expo 2019


On July 4th, 2019, The Novo at LA Live in Downtown Los Angeles hosted the first ever Street Fighter V: Ultimate Cosplay Showdown at Anime Expo 2019. Many people show up in Street Fighter cosplay every year at many different anime and comic conventions including Anime Expo. This year, it was time for the folks at Capcom to recognize the many who decide to cosplay from the Street Fighter series.

The stipulations were simple. There would be three rounds with each round eliminating a crop of people. Round one would have twenty contestants or teams. Round two would have it down to the top 10 while the finals would have the top five. The top five would get prizes and the top three would get a payout and even more prizes.

The next stipulation was that the contestant could only cosplay from Street Fighter V which means if a character didn’t make it to this game from the Street Fighter universe, that character would be barred. The cosplayer would also be able to go with any existing costume from the game and also any color that’s in the game. You could also enter as an individual or as a team of two.

Before the actual competition took place, Yoshinori Ono, the creator of Street Fighter V, had a panel to talk about the behind the scenes that took place to make the game. This event also was being streamed by Capcom on Twitch.

When it was time to have the competition, the contestants would have 60 seconds to do a pose as their character with their own background and music. Because there were a lot of competitors, everyone was being ushered really fast.

Although there were many amazing cosplays, only a few selected got to make it to the next round and even fewer made it to the finals. It was a wonderful experience and hopefully, Capcom decides to bring it back for Anime Expo 2020.

Written by: Timtastic

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