Riri’s “Rush” review


Artist: Riri
Album: “Rush”
Label: Mic-A-Holic Records/Sony Music Japan
Year: 2018


Sometimes, I let the streaming service I use to listen to music take me to uncharted places in terms of music. This time, I was looking to see what was out there in the world of Japanese R&B which brought me to Riri. She has a sound that wasn’t like anyone else out at the moment which was refreshing. She pretty much has a Western sounding R&B vibe going on which I kind of dig.


Her music right now sounds like the R&B you’d get in the United States. I think what’s current here may be different over in Japan even though they have access to Western music. Her music sounds really smooth and fluid. There isn’t a particular standout track since the entire album mesh well together. Each song transitions to the next song perfectly.

I’m super impressed that her songs in English still feel amazing. It sounds like she hasn’t missed a beat at all. The remixes also feels like a fresh song as opposed to trying too hard or not hard enough to make the original something different.


I feel like most of the songs sound kind of similar with slight modifications to the instrumental. Each song doesn’t feel like a different song. All the songs are great, but it doesn’t feel like there’s much variation to differentiate.


I like Riri’s music so far. She has the sound that could get her far. At her age, her music sounds pretty mature. I think she’ll be a bigger star as she grows as an artist in the next few years.

Overall rating: 4/5
Reviewed by: Timtastic

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