Misako Uno’s “Honey Stories” review


Artist: Misako Uno
Album: “Honey Stories”
Label: AVEX Entertainment
Year: 2019


Since I had recently become a fan of AAA, I went through a lot of their back catalog. I also wanted to check out individual projects, so in this case, I decided to check out Misako Uno’s debut album as a soloist called “Honey Stories”. I like her due to her contrasting voice being the only current female in AAA, so I’m stoked to hear what she can do on her own.


She has a lot of quality songs like her single, “Mint”, but the song I really love is the opening track, “Dream Girl”. It has a fun party vibe, and it’s catchy as heck. This song has some good bass.

I love this overall theme of this album. It has a fun summer vibe with some party songs, some laid backtracks, and some island-inspired tracks.


Her singing is great, but her rapping could still use some work. Although she had some solo songs on some AAA albums, it still feels kind of different without her bandmates in the songs, but you get used to it during the course of the album. Unfortunately, there are some fillers on this LP.


I think Misako Uno is a very talented artist who can shine in a group or on her own in songs and albums. This album shows promise as she can potentially release more music which I would gladly like. “Honey Stories” has grown on me with every listen. At first, it was okay for me, but I started to like the songs more and more after the loop. Songs I overlooked became some of my favorite songs. I would love for more of her solo stuff or with AAA.

Overall rating: 4/5
Reviewed by: Timtastic

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