Promare (2019 anime movie) review


Movie: “Promare”
Studio: Toho Visual Entertainment
Year: 2019


I decided to watch this movie because of the hype it received by word of mouth, especially on social media. Many people gave it a thumbs up. Eventually, I would leave theaters since it was only released in the United States at a limited time, and it wasn’t nationwide.


In a certain time period, people have become ticking time bombs as many of them are suffering from human combustion by the masses which destroys about half of the world’s population. Many people adapt, evolve, and acquire powers. They become what is known as Burnish and the terrorist group that rose from the ashes of these events became known as Mad Burnish.

Galo Thymos is part of a firefighter force known as Burning Rescue. One day he takes down Mad Burnish. Eventually, he finds out that things aren’t what they seem and finds out he was fighting the wrong fight.


The most impressive thing about this movie is the animation. I haven’t seen animation that beautiful in possibly ever. It was colorful. The colors contrast and everything just pops out. Everything just stands out. The color black was hardly ever used, and if it were, it made the other colors stand out even more.

This movie had some great themes. There was the theme of discrimination and prejudice towards the Burnish and what they went through. It reminded me of the rough times of American and world history.

I also love the theme of morality, optimism, and positivity. When the chips were stacked against him, Galo Thymos always believed that he had the ability to make changes with Lio and make things right. He felt like he can help make a difference. His stupidity also helps as he doesn’t really second-guess anything and believes he’s better than he actually is. Lio wants to make things better for his people despite the bigotry and hatred towards the Burnish.


I feel like for those that had no idea what to expect, especially from the animation, one can be overwhelmed by all the color everywhere. I really wish this movie was also available to watch in 3D or 3D IMAX. Imagine how amazing things would look in this particular format.


This movie was amazing. It was enjoyable despite having no history with this particular franchise. I gave it a perfect score because the story was relatable and easy to figure out. It definitely was something I haven’t seen before and changed my anime movie experience at the theaters. It was worth going to see this one.

Overall rating: 5/5
Reviewed by: Timtastic

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