IU’s “Palette” review


Artist: IU
Album: “Palette”
Label: FAVE Entertainment/LOEN Entertainment
Year: 2017


I heard the song “Palette” one time while getting some milk tea at a boba shop. I felt like the person singing most of the song sounded familiar. After looking up at the screen, I knew it was IU. It was a must to check out this project of hers.


The entire album was pleasantly great. I feel like it’s the most complete IU album to date. What drew me to this album was the song with G-Dragon, but there were some quality B sides as well like “Dlwlrma”, “Jam Jam”, and “Black Out”. I think that all these songs add a change of pace to a lot of the sweet melodic sounds IU usually cranks out.

I absolutely love that she got someone like G-Dragon to appear as a feature. It’s one of those collaborations you never thought would happen. It also helps with the change of pace in the song and adds some contrast in it.


There are not any bad things I can say to be honest. She had a part in writing the lyrics on 90% of the songs. It definitely is the most diverse her music has ever been on a single album or extended play. Everyone that has reviewed her music including myself has given it a very high score.


At this point, she was maturing more and more as an artist and as an adult. “Palette” as the title track and the name of this album makes sense. The more you mix colors onto a palette, the more different colors you can create. The album became her palette and she mixed different kinds of sounds to create an overall body of work. After hearing this album over and over and hearing how much most of the songs contrast with each other, it makes so much more sense now.

Overall rating: 4.5/5
Reviewed by: Timtastic


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