“BTS World Tour Love Yourself: Speak Yourself [The Final]”


On October 27, 2019, BTS held its finale of the “BTS World Tour Love Yourself: Speak Yourself”. This was an extension of their “Love Yourself World Tour”. This time, they went from touring arenas around the world to touring stadiums around the world. This particular tour hit 20 performances at 10 venues in seven countries spanning four continents including the United States, Saudi Arabia, Brazil, Japan, and of course, South Korea.

This particular performance was to cap off two years’ worth of touring which also included many releases like “Map of the Soul: Persona”. What made this show the most special of all besides being in their home country and being the last show was that it had a few more songs, and it was simulcasted around the world in multiple movie theaters, live if possible while others on delay. I was able to catch it in movie theaters.

Many of the people that packed the movie theaters felt like they were at the concert except many of them had more comfortable seats. The lightsticks worked just as well and kept in sync with the concert.

The folks that watched it had no problems that BTS spoke in their native Korean and reacted just as much as the attendees in Seoul. Although subtitles weren’t provided, the language barrier wasn’t too much of an issue.

I didn’t realize that BTS actually had a deep catalog of music. They were able to pretty much go through their singles and more.  Some members even had solo stages.  It was also amazing to see the sea of lights in that stadium and how it would be wonderful to be a part of it later on. It inspired me to want to attend one of those events.

Written by: Timtastic

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