Wasuta’s “Just Be Yourself” EP review


Artist: Wasuta (aka The World Standard)
Album: “Just Be Yourself” EP
Label: Idol Street/AVEX Music Creative Inc.
Year: 2017


Wasuta aka The World Standard is a group I like but don’t go seeking. I like them but don’t love them due to not looking them up online via Google, YouTube, and social media. I like their music and hope to get into them more down the line since their music is catchy and performances I’ve seen online were entertaining.


There are only four songs unless you decide to count the instrumentals which would put the track total at eight. I liked the four songs and could listen to them all the way through. You have a mix of idol bubblegum, pop-rock, pop, and more. The songs are really catchy especially the titled track. Each song as a slight variation but not much.


You can put these songs on another idol group, and I wouldn’t have known. They don’t have a distinct sound or music to separate them from the pack of other Japanese idol groups except really catchy music to enjoy.


It’s also really cool that the lead single was used for the anime opening for Idol Time PriPara. I like this group and probably will check more of their music out soon. I already have two albums of theirs. I’ll do some more research on them.

The single also ended up on their LP called “Paradox World”. I enjoyed that album too.

Overall rating: 4/5
Reviewed by: Timtastic

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