New “Call Of Duty: Black Ops 2” Apocalypse Expansion Pack


Images were dropped today from Treyarch detailing the next release of their latest map pack for Call Of Duty: Black Ops 2. This expansion includes 4 new multiplayer maps as well as a dieselpunk themed zombie map. These maps are available for purchase on Xbox Live on 8/27. No release date has been noted for PSN.

In other news, two of Call Of Duty’s Global forum moderators as well as COD enthusiasts will be heading out to a major tournament in Atlanta, George that will be from 8/9/13 – 8/11/13. The LAN event is held by UMG Gaming and features some of the best players in the COD community, vying for the hefty pot of $10,000. You can check out their stream at Twitch.TV/umggaming this coming weekend.

Details on COD: Ghosts have been sparse but the MP reveal is only one week away and will showcase what the next installment from Infinity Ward will bring to the table. With a new Halo in the works and Battlefield 4 just looming, can COD: Ghosts stand tall amongst its competitors? Also, COD’s official Twitter has leaked what seems to be an image from the MP customization screen, where several perks can be seen surrounding two larger icons, one seemingly to be a Juggernaut and the other a grenade launcher. Infinity Ward has not revealed further information about this image.

COD: BLOPS 2 Apocalypse Map Pack

COD: Ghosts MP Image

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