Battlefield Blog: Field Upgrades Revisited


About a week ago, Dice posted an article on their Battlefield Blog about the many changes to multiplayer such as class specializations, weapons and field upgrades. Now this was fine and all but one piece of info fans expressed much disdain over was the implementation of body armor in BF4.

In Battlefield: Bad Company 2, the body armor specialization granted a player increased health and enabled them to tank through multiple body shots, including sniper bullets and even tank / aircraft fire, no matter where they were hit. It was very unrealistic.

To clear up the muddled confusion and stacked ire, Dice composed a reassuring article concerning this topic. They explained thoroughly that the body armor field upgrade will not be the same as it was in BF: BC2, as this iteration only grants protection in the upper chest area.

A player can take a sniper shot up-close whereas in previous games, most sniper rifles would down them. It also provides a small resistance to buckshot from shotguns. Overall, Dice has meant for this to counter CQB sniper rifles, due to their insane damage at said range. The armor will not affect the amount of bullets it takes to kill from medium to long range, regardless of any weapon.

They also go on about the new reduced fall damage, stealth and quick unspot specializations, giving brief descriptions and how they will work in-game. The reduced fall damage eliminates injury from leaping at 2-story heights and quick unspot cuts down the time you are spotted and revealed to the opposing team on the minimap.

The stealth topic is one to note here as it’s completely different from other games such as CoD. Instead of just giving the player full practice to move around and do whatever they fancy without being detected on radar, the stealth upgrade in BF4 only affects the detection sensitivity on deployed motion sensors. Stealth allows the player to walk instead of crouching or going prone to avoid tripping the motion sensor. However, sprinting will set it off no matter what.

You can find the original post here.

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