U-Kiss’ “ContiUKiss” review


Artist: U-Kiss
Album: ContiUKiss
Label: NH Media
Year: 2009


After seeing them back in early 2014 and not knowing any of their discography, I opted to check out some of their music. I remember there was a track that was pretty catchy. It ended up being “Man Man Ha Ni”. That song was pretty cool. I bought a few albums, and this one was included in my attempts to get as many albums from them as possible all at once.

Their main single was extremely fun to listen to. This absolutely was the reason why I opted to make the purchase. Their other song, “It’s OK” follows the same format with heavy autotune, dance, electronica, and heavy bass. I actually liked both songs.


Although the songs were enjoyable, they were the only two songs. The other two tracks were the intro and an instrumental to “Man Man Ha Ni”. If you buy your songs digitally, you can easily skip half the album already.


It is a pretty short review considering there wasn’t too much on the EP. There were two songs that I absolutely loved, and two tracks that were considered filler. They could have done the fans a service and added one to two songs and still call it an EP. You’d have to really love the group or are willing to shell out money if you were to get a physical copy.

Overall rating: 2.5/5
Reviewed by: Timtastic

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