KCON LA 2018 presented by Toyota: Saturday Concert


On August 11th, 2018, KCON LA converged to the city of angels also known as Los Angeles, California to the night portion of the festivities. After the convention portion was finished, many attendees flocked from the Los Angeles Convention Center to Staples Center next door. The scheduled performing artists on this night include Twice, Wanna One, Momoland, Golden Child, IN2IT, Mia, Davichi, Dynamic Duo and Crush, and Ailee.

Momoland was one of the hardest working groups during the weekend as they were everywhere during the past two days worth of convention making quite a few stops along the way to greet the fans. They started off the official show and got everyone hyped up with their performances of their hit singles “Bboom Bboom” and “Baam”.

Golden Child, IN2IT, and Mia were rookies to the KCON stage but showed attending fans that they belonged on center stage with the rest of their peers.

Dynamic Duo and Crush performed in increments, not a full set. They brought a hip-hop and R&B flavor that helped diversify the sound.

Davichi made their second appearance at KCON LA in three years which already makes them veterans. They have so many songs to pull out to perform from their decade long career. They even went classic by performing “8282” which was unexpected since it was expected for them to go all out ballads.

Twice surprisingly didn’t headline even though they were the most anticipated artist to see during that weekend. They started with their smash summer hit, “Dance the Night Away”. They were able to go through almost all their hits, but they did not perform the song that really put them on the international stage, “TT”. They were able to utilize the entire stage and all of the stage extensions to give all the Once a close look at their favorite members.

Ailee really killed it with her performance as she had the ability to communicate with the fans as they love her as a performer. It also helped that she really wanted to be there, and it took a few years for her to finally make it onto the KCON LA stage. Because she is fluent in English, she was able to express her feelings perfectly to everyone.

To close out the show, it was Wanna One. This was their second year in a row performing, but it was their first year headlining which shows how much they have grown as artists over the past year. Since 2017, their fan base has gotten bigger, and they’ve released more music.

It was a great first night of concerts with many wonderful performances. Everyone did a great job especially since many did work very hard making appearance after appearance during the convention portion.

Written by: Timtastic

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