m-flo’s “Expo Expo” review


Artist: m-flo
Album: “Expo Expo”
Label: AVEX Music Creative
Year: 2001


I was first introduced to m-flo way back prior to even listening to JPop when I was just looking up some quality hip-hop music especially from outside my comfort zone. I wanted to see what else was out there besides the stuff I was already listening to. I wanted something new and fresh, and that’s when I discovered “Prism” and some of the music from the classic album, “Expo Expo”.


This is the kind of hip-hop album I love and grow up on. I have a deep love of classic early 90’s hip-hop with beats from such producers like Large Professor, DJ Premier, and Pete Rock with some jazz influence. That’s what you’ll get out of DJ Taku with his production while Lisa and Verbal are such amazing artists on the vocals whether it be doing hooks or verses.

Every single song is so dope. “Prism” is already one of my all time favorite songs period. “Come Again” is also somewhere up there in my all time favorite songs. The b-side songs on this album is better than a lot of artists’ greatest hits period. Songs like “Orbit 3”, “magenta rain”, and “Expo Expo” are just pure fire.

This album isn’t just a bunch of songs put together to form an album. It feels like a spiritual journey from point a to b with songs on the way. It’s one of those albums where listening to all the songs in order is important to get the overall theme message.


I have zero bad things to say about this album except that there are skits, but they do a lot to enhance the experience of this album. It’s not only the perfect transition to the next song, but the skit is like a mini track which is also really good.


The reason why “Expo Expo” deserves more than a perfect score is not only does it have so many great songs especially with a lot of singles, but how it has withstood the test of time. Many albums, artists, and songs come and go, but this album means a lot to so many people including myself. This is what a perfect J-Urban album sounds like which is why they get more than the standard 5/5.

Overall rating: 6/5
Reviewed by: Timtastic

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