“Resident Evil: Degeneration” (2008 Japanese animated movie) review

Resident Evil Degeneration


I decided to watch this movie because as a kid, I was too scared to play the Resident Evil games. As an adult, I felt a bit more braver to see this movie. I think I’m ready. LOL


Claire Redfield, who is now part of an organization called Terra Save, is at an airport waiting to assist a family when an airplane crashes into the airport with another zombie outbreak.  The entire airport is shut down and quarantined.  Leon S. Kennedy along with two other officers are assigned tasks to get all surviving members out with many people not living to see another day as a human being.

Claire sees a slew of trucks belonging to the WilPharma Corporation at the site just outside the barriers of the airport with many of them being destroyed in a fire.  Claire then comes to the facilities with its chief researcher, Frederic Downing, but then discovers things she did not want to see.

Will Claire and Leon save the day once more after more of their findings including extreme mega sized monsters?


I enjoyed this movie a lot due to the fact that it stayed as close to the franchise as it possibly could.  We had Leon Kennedy and Claire Redfield as the main characters.  We only needed Chris Redfield, Jill Valentine, and Albert Wesker to have an all out Resident Evil feel.  I also appreciate not having useless characters like K-Mart and Alice that had nothing to do with the original movie.

It literally felt like a video game.  Well, it felt like the cut scenes actually from the Resident Evil series.  It totally did not feel like the live action movie made in America.  It had that intended Resident Evil feel because it was made by the Japanese whom also created the game.


Not much I can say except I believed the movie lacked a legitimate villain people can dislike because WilPharma isn’t that scary of a villain to be honest.  I guess all the zombies are the main antagonists.


As a fan of the Resident Evil series, I felt it was a true Resident Evil movie fans of the franchise would appreciate instead of that other live action one. I felt it was something taken out of a video game or something. I was pleased with this flick.

Overall rating: 4/5

Reviewed by: Mr. Timtastic

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