After School Blue’s “Blue” EP review

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Artist: After School Blue
Album: “Blue”
Label: Pledis Entertainment
Year: 2011

I had already invested into the music of After School Red, but what about After School Blue? I loved what “Red” had to offer because “Into the Night Sky” and “Hollywood” were awesome songs to listen to. I really wanted to see what “Blue” was all about. I wanted to see if they were just as good as their counterparts or potentially even better.

The two songs that were offered in this EP were “Wonder Boy” and “Lady”. Both songs were in my opinion, considered above average. The good thing was that these two songs are easier listens but not as catchy as what “Red” had. They were great nonetheless.

“Wonder Boy” was a song that has promise but just slightly delivers whereas “Lady” was probably the more superior track with R&B feel of a ballad. I did feel like the songs actually had potential to do well but constantly would get compared to “Red” constantly.

I felt that the songs were pretty good, but not very good. I like the songs, but not enough to keep it on a constant rotation like what After School Red had me do. It doesn’t stand out like the other but definitely worth the investment.

Overall rating: 3/5
Reviewed by: Timtastic

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