M-Flo’s “Future is Wow” review

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Artist: M-Flo
Album: “Future is Wow”
Label: Rhythm Zone
Year: 2014


M-Flo is one of the most artistic and best artists in all of Japan. “Future is Wow” is an album that was really anticipated by a lot of people including myself. I wanted to see what their direction was heading after “Square One” and “Neven” and that’s when I heard the teaser song for “Go Crazy” which was a game changer for me.


Both DJ Taku and Verbal went super bananas on the EDM. There’s a lot more electronic music influence on this album compared to the previous two. There are guest appearances by SOL from Big Bang, Ayumi Hamasaki, and Reina Washio from Flower and E-Girls.

“Go Crazy” was the song that drew me onto this album with SOL (Taeyang) sounding so dope while “DWM” was the track that got me to stay.


There wasn’t a glorified single to promote. There wasn’t even a music video shot to support this album except a lyric video for “Go Crazy”.  People had to rely on blind faith.  Once again, there were quite a few interludes they could have done without.

After spending the last two albums with members of CREAM involved in the project, they were pretty much absent from this one. Unfortunately, the best songs on this album were the ones that had guest appearances.


At first, I honestly didn’t like this album, but after trying and trying, I actually ended up loving this album. It’s really hard to compare this album to previous albums because a lot of their projects are just so different with diverse concepts and thought processes. EDM usually isn’t my cup of tea, but I love this album to death. It actually took Reina Washio’s vocals on “DWM” to give this album another shot.

Overall rating: 4/5
Reviewed by: Timtastic

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