Twice’s “The Story Begins” EP review


Artist: Twice
Album: “The Story Begins” EP
Label: JYP Entertainment
Year: 2015


Before they blew up and became the most popular KPop girl group, Twice really flew over my head and I overlooked them. Before “TT” came out, I saw them as another group of the latest generation of this genre where too many groups come out and were supposed to be seen as the replacement girl group for JYP Entertainment with Wonder Girls fizzling out. They were tailor-made to not be a suitable replacement, but made to rule the world as the best girl group from Korea.


Some of the songs are pretty solid and that’s what to expect from a debut group from one of the “big 3” labels in Korea. With the resources including JYP directly having a hands on approach, the songs had to be good


There was a reason why I initially overlooked them, and I’ll only judge it off this album and their music. It didn’t really have a standout track where I had to listen to it on repeat. There wasn’t that catchy song that debut girl groups have outside of their lead single. “The Story Begins” doesn’t really have replay value unless you put it in a mix with all the later Twice albums and songs.


It’s great to go back to check out what songs Twice had as a group as when they debuted. I didn’t see much in them then, but I’m not surprised at their rapid progress and rise in not only Korea, but they’ve made strides in Japan and the rest of the world. This debut didn’t blow people out of the water or anything, but they had every opportunity to succeed, and they took it.

Overall rating: 3.5/5
Reviewed by: Timtastic

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