KCON LA 2018 presented by Toyota: Sunday Concert


On August 12th, 2018, KCON LA concluded the last part of an amazing weekend with the Sunday concert at the famed Staples Center in Downtown Los Angeles, California after the convention portion ended at the Los Angeles Convention Center next door. The artists scheduled to perform on this night included JUN, Dreamcatcher, Chung Ha, fromis_9, IMFACT, Pentagon, Nu’est W, Roy Kim with Seventeen headlining a star studded night.

Jun has performed before on the KCON LA stage, but that was when he was primarily a violinist. This time, he was taking the stage as a singer which he did a fantastic job showing he could hang with all the idols.

Dreamcatcher was a first time act that was doing KCON very early in their career. They amazed the fans in attendance and showed that they are a force to be reckoned with in the next few years.

Chung Ha is no rookie when it comes to the KCON stage as she had performed on it as a member of I.O.I. in the past, but this time the spotlight was solely on her, and she was able to go all over the stage. The crowd loved her as not only put on a wonderful display of a performance, but also was able to communicate well with the fans with her fluent English.

Both Imfact and Pentagon are newbies to the world of KCON but were able to overcome any potential jitters inside the arena.

One of the busiest groups during KCON weekend was fromis_9 due to making appearances pretty much everywhere meeting with fans and doing showcase performances. They did perform during the convention, but that was just a sneak peek on what’s to come during the concert portion. They didn’t disappoint as they performed some of their hits like “To Heart”.

This marks the second time Roy Kim performed inside the Staples Center for KCON. It really felt like an intimate setting as there was a sea of different colored light sticks from the floor, lower bowl, box seats, and all the way to the nosebleed seats. He had no backup dancers or anything. It was just him, his music, and his guitar. Due to his background in the United States, he too was able to communicate with the fans. He may have even stole the show.

Nu’est W were the co-headliners of the night. Members of the group have performed as a part of Nu’est at the first ever KCON back in 2012, but this time, they’re performing in the arena setting. A lot has changed since their first performance from their image, music, and much more.

For the second year in a row, Seventeen got to headline a night of KCON LA. Many Carats in attendance were anticipating their performance, and they were in for a treat as the guys of Seventeen performed hit after hit with everyone singing along. Although they were the headliners, many fans realized that the event was coming to a close, and everyone didn’t want the night to end.

It was a terrific night of concerts with seeing a mix of returning and debuting KCON performers. Many of the new groups will use the performance to springboard into the next year to elevate their status while the veterans will keep at it in hopes to try to return to the bright lights of LA to see their American fans.

It also concludes the full weekend of concerts along with the convention portion. Many fond memories were made for thousands in attendance as it was aired on MNet and various media platforms. Until next time, and bring on KCON LA 2019!

Written by: Timtastic

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