BiSH’s “Deadman” EP review

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Artist: BiSH
Album: “Deadman” EP
Label: AVEX Music Creative Inc.
Year: 2016


BiSH is one of my favorite idol groups because they don’t fit the mold of a traditional Japanese idol group. They don’t go for the cutesy look, and they do whatever they want with their rebellious attitude. They are an in your face idol group and are on the opposite end of the spectrum in terms of idols.


If you like rock, then you would like this. If you like idols, then you would like this. If you like JRock, then you’d love this. If you love Japanese idols, then you’d love this. If you like aggression, you’d really enjoy this. If you liked all of the above, then you’d love this EP as it smacks you in the face as hard as possible with all of their chaotic feelings.


Not only is this extended play only two songs, but the titled track, “Deadman”, clocks in at under 100 seconds. It’s a very short song, so it’s pretty much over before you even know it. I actually liked the B side track called “Earth” more. Not only is it a longer track, but it is also, in my opinion, a better quality track.


“Deadman” is a really good and decent album. It gives you a taste of what’s to come with future full length releases and surprises. I felt that these two songs were harder than a lot of music from actual bands in the genre from death metal to heavy metal. Their aggression is on par with anyone.

Overall rating: 3.5/5
Reviewed by: Timtastic

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