KARA’s “Beautiful Night” EP review


Artist: KARA
Album: “Beautiful Night”
Label: CJ E&M
Year: 2013


It’s definitely a given that I’m a huge KARA fanboy which means trying to get all of their merchandise, catch all of their activities, and check out all of their projects whether it be in acting or music. In this case, it’s one of their more lesser known releases because it was for a soundtrack for their anime series called “KARA The Animation”.


Well, this two song extended play has the opening theme to their anime called “Beautiful Night” which is also the lead single and is also supported by the song “Love Letter”. “Beautiful Night” is a really fun song that captures the feel and essence of the anime whereas “Love Letter” is more of a heartfelt song where Kamilias feel the love from KARA.


I really felt that if it were promoted properly as more of a single release than a soundtrack to pair with the anime, it would have done well on the charts, but that was up to the higher up folks how the wanted it promoted. It had very little promotion if there were any at all. You pretty much have to be a Kamilia to know that this was even released.


Subsequently, both of these songs were released on other KARA projects. “Beautiful Night” was a bonus track on their Japanese release, “Bye Bye Happy Days!” while “Love Letter” was released as a bonus track off the single album, “Thank You Summer Love”. I really feel like “Beautiful Night” as whole was an underrated release from KARA where only diehard fans would know. Casual fans more than likely have never heard this song nor knew that it was an opening theme to their own anime.

Overall rating: 4/5
Reviewed by: Timtastic

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