E-Girls’ “Cinderella Fit” EP review


Artist: E-Girls
Album: “Cinderella Fit” EP
Label: AVEX Entertainment Inc.
Year: 2019


In the middle of 2019, I saw a Japanese commercial for Mister Donut featuring various members of E-Girls and a song came on which sounded very catchy. It ended up becoming a future single for E-Girls and I wanted to hear more. When summer hit is when the single was released.


“Cinderella Fit” feels like going back in time to the days of “Follow Me”, “Candy Smile”, and many of their earlier hits where it just feels fresh, energetic, and much more. I feel that when they went to just eleven members, they may have tried to change their image a bit with experimenting with different styles, but it’s the fun songs that is their identity.


Besides “Cinderella Fit”, the other song was “EG Energy” which was released earlier in 2019. Both songs were advertisements for products with the latter being for energy supplements. However, both songs do contrast each other. “EG Energy” is a more edgier and aggressive song which doesn’t pair well with “Cinderella Fit”


As of this writing, “Cinderella Fit” is currently my favorite song to have been released in the calendar year of 2019. It’s so fun to listen to and it got E-Girls back to their roots of releasing fun, catchy songs that we all know and love them for. It’s also the song I’ve been listening to the most for this year too. I hope it can get added to an album sometime in the near future.

Overall rating: 4/5
Reviewed by: Timtastic

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