Secret’s “Gift From Secret” EP review

Secret- I Do I Do

Artist: Secret

Album: “Gift From Secret”

Label: TS Entertainment

Year: 2013


There’s no secret that I am a fan of Secret.  However, I am only a fan of a specific concept of Secret.  I only like their cute concepts.  I have checked out their sexy concepts which have never worked for me.  In this single album, they returned to what made me a fan of theirs.


All four songs are listenable.  I really do like their lead single, “I Do I Do” as I considered one of the best KPop songs of 2013.  Although “Snowmelt” was extremely short, it was a great listen even if it qualified as just an intro.  “Fantastic” described itself as a fantastic song with an upbeat tempo while “Remember Me” was memorable for me for the vocal harmony.


I just wish they did more concepts like this.  I wish they did a full album full of this.  When they do their sexy stuff, it just doesn’t work as their songs aren’t any good.  When they do cute songs, I enjoy it.  It’s also a very short album which is unfortunate because every song was so good.


I think this is a good holiday season song as it was released during the winter time.  It is a fun listen and worth the small investment.

Overall rating: 3/5

Reviewed by: Timtastic

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